Reform and Renewal of GFAR

Shaping the future of agricultural research and innovation requires a new understanding between public and private research, farmers, civil society, education, extension and enterprise.  Bringing together the voices of thousands of diverse organizations, GFAR has defined essential processes of change in the way we think about agricultural innovation and its impact in development.   Building on a governance review starting in 2012, we have recognized that GFAR itself needs to change, to build, strengthen and enrich its partnership base and operations to create a forum that is truly owned by all and able to foster change across all sectors.

The first step in these changes was the GFAR Constituent Assembly held 24-26 August 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. The Constituent Assembly reshaped the collective actions, mechanisms and governance of GFAR.

GFAR Constituent Assembly 2015

The Constituent Assembly – a truly landmark event – brought together over 100 representative stakeholders from all sectors and all regions to explore and discover the strategic role and direction, mechanisms, and future governance and resources, required of GFAR, so that all stakeholders can work more effectively together to address the needs set out in the GCARD Road Map.

The Assembly gave a resounding endorsement of the reform and renewal of GFAR:

The Assembly redefined the role and purpose of GFAR through strong  agreement on a new VisionGFAR makes agri-food research and innovation systems more effective, responsive and equitable, towards achieving Sustainable Development outcomes”

And MissionPartners in GFAR, at national, regional and international levels, advocate for, and catalyse Collective Actions that strengthen and transform agri-food research and innovation systems

A formal basis was agreed for the definition and basis of GFAR Collective Actions, a key operational mechanism for GFAR. 

The Composition of the Global Forum will be open to stakeholders from national, regional and global organizations by expressing formally their alignment with GFAR’s Mission and Vision.

A new Governance structure is now agreed that includes:

A GFAR Partner Assembly, meeting every three years as part of the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD).

A multi-stakeholder Steering Committee will meet every year between meetings of the Partner Assembly. The Steering Committee will organize itself as a body and through standing committees. 

Participants in the Assembly recognized the need for additional and new forms of investment in national agri-food research and innovation systems and consider this a priority for advocacy through and by GFAR.


Reports and Presentations

A summary report of the Constituent Assembly is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian. The full report of the Constituent Assembly is now available. READ HERE

Photos from the Constituent Assembly can be viewed here and below are the presentations made during the Constituent Assembly 

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