The CIARD RING is a service implemented within the CIARD movement. It is facilitated  by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research.

Ciard Ring round mdeium.gifThe RING is a global directory of web-based information services and datasets for agricultural research for development (ARD). It is the principal tool created through the CIARD initiative to allow information providers to register their services and datasets in various categories and so facilitate the discovery of sources of agriculture-related information across the world.

The RING aims to provide an infrastructure to improve the accessibility of the outputs of agricultural research and of information relevant to ARD management.

As of March 2017, there are 1220 data services / datasets and 600 data providers registered in the RING.

Functions of the CIARD RING

  • to provide a map of accessible data sources with instructions on how they can be used effectively;
  • to provide a dataset sharing platform for agriculture;
  • to provide examples of services that show good practices on implementing “interoperability”;
  • to clarify the level and mode of interoperability of information sources;
  • to provide instructions for building enhanced integrated services that repackage information in different ways.

See how you can register datasets in the RING and how you can consume data from the RING.