GFAR is the unique multi-stakeholder global forum on agricultural research and innovation. GFAR is an open, voluntary forum and a movement for change.

GFAR is a networked organization, made up of Partners working together, through collective advocacy and actions, to shape the future of agriculture and food and their role in achieving sustainable development.


Together we are working to make agri-food research and innovation more effective, responsive and equitable, towards achieving Sustainable Development outcomes.


The Partners in GFAR are growing fast, with strong representation from across public, private and civil society sectors at all levels and among all actors involved in the generation, access and use of agricultural knowledge and innovation.

GFAR’s six Work Streams:

GFAR’s focus is to ensure that agricultural innovation systems, encompassing research, extension, education and enterprise - deliver the best development outcomes to resource-poor farmers and rural communities.

The GCARD Roadmap describes the broad transformative changes needed in national systems, as articulated by the sector, while GFAR’s Medium Term Plan sets out how we will get there, specifying the practical actions we need to take collectively through six Work Streams: