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The Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria dedicates itself to effective coordination and monitoring of Agricultural research in Nigeria, for increased agricultural productivity for economic development.
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LARI is a governmental organization under Minister of Agriculture Supervision. The institute conducts applied and basic scientific research for the development and advancement of the agricultural sector in Lebanon. In addition, the Institute keeps close ties to the farmers and tries to develop research activities aiming at solving their problems. The LARI has at its disposal eight experimental stations (Tel Amara, Tourbol, Kfardan, Kfarchakhna, Abdeh, Sour, Fanar, Lebaa) in an area of 280 hectares of agricultural land. The stations are located in agricultural areas where subtropical and temperate corps are produced. In These stations research projects are conducted to solve problems facing the agricultural sector in this area. Currently new qualified scientists are being recruited at these agricultural stations after several years of national conflict.
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Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Iranian Organization Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization
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 ASTI compiles, analyzes, and publicizes data on institutional developments, investments, and capacity trends in agricultural R&D in low- and middle-income countries worldwide. ASTI comprises a network of national, regional, and international agricultural R&D agencies and is hosted and facilitated by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). 
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Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Agricultural Scientific Information & Documentation Center(ASIDC) was established in 1975. In 2001, after the merge of the two Ministries of Agriculture and Jihad Construction , the  Agricultural Scientific Information & Documentation Center(ASIDC) and the Jihad Scientific Information Services have also been merged together. The main mission of the new Center is about providing needed information for agricultural researchers .This Center which is one of the ASIDC is one of the affiliated Centers of AREO,offers scientific services to other agricultural institutes and universities through the valuable staff which includes a group of  librarians and IT experts .The Agricultural Centeral Library of ASIDC  has a vast collection of Persian and English books(15,700), documents and research reports(33,000) , Scientific journals(300),thesis and dissertation(460) .Currently, all the available information sources of the library are saved and researchable in the library  database (Simorgh). This Agricultural  Central Library is managed by an open system and the books are classified by the congress method. The main mission of the center is about providing needed information and researching capabilities to meet the scientific demands of  agricultural researchers .This Center offers scientific services to other agricultural institutes and universities through the valuable staff which includes a group of librarians and IT experts . Another purpose of the center is to provide the information services to other individuals who are part of other educational and research institutions around the country. Producing, gathering, preparing, saving and researching the sources which are based on research and study demands of the AREO is one of the main missions of ASIDC and its central library.     
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