“Now if the average Nigerian spends ₦100 ($0.6) per meal, and we are a populatio
“Young Nigerians do not want to dirty their hands anymore, and it just shocks me.”
This is according to Cynthia Mosunmola Umoru, a Nigerian woman who has spent the last 10 years building her entrepreneurial career within agriculture.
She started Honeysuckles PTL Ventures straight out of college, and today the business is engaged in farming, food processing and distribution. The company runs its flagship retail outlet Farmshoppe in Ikeja, Lagos offering a wide range of farm produce, including poultry products, eggs, snails, catfish and vegetables.
Speaking at a recent TEDxIfe event in Nigeria, Umoru told an audience the country’s agricultural sector has been severely neglected.
“Today Nigeria is the current dumping ground for food produce from all over the world. We have grown a palate for food we don’t produce. We have developed a lifestyle we can’t sustain… We bring in tomatoes from Chad. We bring in beans from Burkina Faso,” she continued.
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