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AgriFeeds harvests, stores and re-aggregates news and events from feeds published by agricultural organizations and information services. Beside displaying the announcements on the website, AgriFeeds makes them available again, re-aggregated in any possible way, as new custom feeds, allowing potentially infinite re-use and re-publishing of the information.


SIDALC, knowns as the Agricultural Information and Documentation Service of the Americas, is the allianze of organization and countries in Latin America, USA, Canada and the Caribbean committed to the promotion of knowledge sharing and information access related with agriculture, food, forestry and environment. With the support of 23 countries, SIDALC database is made of 2.1 million records and more than 100.000 full text documents. More at The allianze is also supported by the Inter American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)

Embrapa Information Agency

The Embrapa Information Agency is a web system that makes it possible to organize, store, publicize, and access technological information and knowledge generated at Embrapa and other research institutions. The information is organized hierarchically in a tree structure called the Tree of Knowledge. The Embrapa Information Agency contains all of the Trees of Knowledge developed by Embrapa’s decentralized units pertaining to agribusiness products and themes. The first three levels of the hierarchy contain generic knowledge, while the deeper levels present more specific knowledge.


Eprints@IARI is the Open Access research outputs repository of Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Research outputs of IARI - journal papers, conference papers, reports, theses, patents etc. - are uploaded/self-archived by IARI scientists. Interested users can freely download and use documents as most of them are directly accessible and full-text downloadable. 'Request Copy' forms can be used for documents to which direct full-text download is restricted due to publisher embargo.

Rice Bibliography Database

The Rice Bibliography is an active electronic platform which serves as the key to the world’s most comprehensive collection of technical rice literature, curated by the IRRI Library and Documentation Service. With its more than 270,000 citations of rice literature in any language, this instrument is available 24/7 from any computer with internet connection, thereby effectively linking rice knowledge with scientists worldwide. These are all backed up by full text print or electronic documents.

Tesis Electrónicas UACh en Texto Completo

Tipo de repositorio digital: Multidisciplinar. < 25% de los documentos están relacionados con Ciencias Agrícolas.

ZOE Tecno-Campo

Tipo de repositorio digital: Temático. 100% de los documentos están relacionados con Ciencias Agrícolas Porcentaje de documentos a texto completo: 100% El proyecto fue concebido justamente por falta de políticas de acceso abierto años atrás, especialmente de soporte a productores.

ITACAB Recursos

Tipo de repositorio digital: Multidisciplinar. > 50% de los documentos están relacionados con Ciencias Agrícolas

Agricultural Research Institute Library, Cyprus

Type of repository: it is thematic. 100% of documents is about Agriculture and Related Sciences.

IMIS: Integrated Marine Information System

Type of repository: it is multidisciplinary. < 5% of documents is about Agriculture and Related Sciences.