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  1.   This platform combined the main algae information on biology, culture technique,process technique,market information,statitics data .This platform also provide the visual search way by GIS.
  2. 渔业与水产科学数据库整合了渔业水域资源与生态特征数据、渔业物种资源与生物基础数据、渔业生物资源野外调查数据、渔业生态环境野外调查数据、水产养殖数据、捕捞渔业及管理数据、渔业装备与设施技术数据、渔业基础设施状况数据、渔业科技与经济管理数据9类渔业科学数据。
  3. it contains hundreds of different sub databases about fishery science.
  4. CBR is a scientific library subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It has branch in Pulawy. CBR collections - thematically restricted to agriculture, food processing industry and related sciences
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