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ICT to Enhance Impact of Agriculture Development

 This USAID community website is operated by the FHI 360-implemented FACET project. It set up for use by anyone interested in the topic of ICT and agriculture, including USAID and other government agency partners, USAID implementing partners, private sector service providers, and other agriculture and ICT practitioners. It includes a variety of papers and resources focused on helping practitioners to improve their ability to implement sustainable and scalable ICT interventions with agriculture development projects.

Revista electrónica 'Avanzada Científica'

La revista “Avanzada Científica” se dirige a toda la comunidad científica que investiga y haga uso de la información para la toma de decisiones. Es multidisciplinaria dirigida a responder al desarrollo académico y científico de la provincia de Matanzas. Se destacan las especialidades de ciencias sociales, ciencias naturales y ciencias exactas. Tiene una frecuencia cuatrimestral. Publica artículos originales y está sujeta a un proceso de evaluación, revisión por pares y a doble ciego.

Agricultural Research Institute Website - Lebanon

Government Research for improving production in Lebanon dates back to the establishment of Tel Amara Station in the Bekaa Valley immediately after World War II as an agricultural training center. Later, in 1957, it became the Department of Agricultural Scientific Research of the Ministry of Agriculture. Other stations were established at Tourbol (Bekaa) for animal production, Abde (North) and Sour (South) for citrus.

Ministry of Agriculture Website- Lebanon

  Laws and decrees that dictated the establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture  In 1920, the Ministry was not yet founded. However, a decree appeared in the same year dictating the establishment of a breeding center for horses. Moreover, Trabaud - the Governor of the Lebanon - had published another decree in the same year which prohibited the breeding of horses without a permit. In 1925, the decree no. 3044 appeared , dictating the establishment of a center for pest control. This decree was published by Leon Keyla , the Governor of the Lebanon at that time. In 1929, the decree no.

Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences

 Research Articules on Agriculture and Allied Subjects. Published by University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad.  


Beijing Agricultural Digital Information Resource Center is a large of  agricultural knowledge warehouse, which has 12 dataset and 200 databases.

Agricultural Research Institute (Cyprus) Blog

The Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) blog site is used by ARI researchers for agricultural research information sharing.

Agricultural Research Institute (Cyprus) Twitter

Follow us on Twitter @ARI_RD to read about agricultural research in Cyprus and news from the Rural Development Section of the Agricultural Research Institute