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Dione, Michel

Animal Health and Epidemiology Scientist

Archivo Digital UPM

Archivo Digital UPM contains digital and scientific documentation generated in the institution and make it accessible via Internet, under theInitiative for the Budapest Open Access and Berlin Declaration, which is a signatory UPM.


ProdInra is the INRA institutional open archive in which all INRA scientists are required to deposit their scientific research works. INRA conducts research for impact ; the outcomes are academic, expertise, report, project outcomes. All the scientific outcomes are referenced in ProdInra. ProdInra references almost 200 000 records. 10% of these records provide a public access to the full work. The license is CC-BY-NC-ND for most of them.

SciELO Peru

SciELO Peru collects together a large collection of selected publications from Perúvian scientific journals.

ILRI research repository - Mahider

Mahider is a complete index of research outputs produced by ILRI - the International Livestock Research Institute. Where available, the repository gives access to the full content of the output. The repository is built using Dspace, most of the outputs listed are open access.