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Biegon, Anthony

Bamwesigye, Dastan

Economist, Policy Researcher and Advocate. 

Yussif, Abdul-mumin

Abdul-mumin Yussif is a Youth Development Strategist with a strong leadership in Agri-Business, a board member of Transformative Global Learning and a International Director for African Space Science & Policy Institute, a results oriented activist who puts excellence at the forefront of every task assigned and is taken to detail and accuracy. With a very high level of efficiency and reliability there is a profound sense or desire to deliver and help others develop themselves in a manner so as to be able to achieve something without having to rely on others.

Vasilogamvrakis, Nikos

Stein, Ayla

Stanley, Alan

Working within IDS Knowledge Services as manager of the Eldis project - sharing the best in development policy, practice and research []. We produce a range of online services via the website and offer free open access to bibliographic data via our API. In addition I manage a small team of subject specialists developing research communication tools and services with IDS research colleagues and global partners. For example HANCI [].

Singh, Onkar

1. Name: ONKAR SINGH 2. Qualifications: BSc( Agriculture) + Post graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property and Technology Management in Agriculture+ DL 101 General Course on Intellectual Property from World Intellectual Property Management. 3. Nationality: INDIAN 4. Correspondence address Onkar Singh, Officer-Intellectual Property, Office of DDG-R, ICRISAT,Patancheru-502324 6. Contact No. 91-9573602808 7. Date of Birth 03 May, 1984 8. Occupation/Profession Intellectual Property Management professional

Silva Vargas, Mariajose

I am a Bolivian national graduated at the International Master of Science in Rural Development (IMRD) at Ghent University, Belgium. For my  master's dissertation I went to Côte d'Ivoire to analyse the impact of a project that reintegrates ex-combatants through agriculture. You can check a photo-blog I published at IFAD website about this experience:

AgEcon Search

Type of repository: it is thematic. 100% of documents is about Agriculture and Related Sciences Percentage of full text: 100%

ResearchWorks at the University of Washington

Type of repository: it is multidisciplinary. < 5% of documents is about Agriculture and Related Sciences Percentage of full text: > 50%. We prefer that all documents deposited be open access.  There are a few exceptions, mostly with anthropological reports that have sensitive cultural information/