Affiliation: University of Chittagong.Bangladesh
Keywords: Trace elements, Food consumption, Mineral deficiencies
Countries: Bangladesh
Bio: I have completed M.Sc and B.Sc in Geography and Environmental Studies with good academic result from Chittagong University and also have completed Master’s thesis in the title of “Hidden Hunger in Bangladesh and Homestead Food Production: As a Measure to address It, In the Chittagong Hill Tracts. (2015)" Thesis submitted to the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Chittagong in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Science. Try to introduce how agriculture practices (small-Scale Agriculture Practices) overcoming hidden hunger (Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency) in the chakma community. Also focus on hidden hunger and its health  Function, Requirements and Health Consequences, Strategy for Combating Hidden Hunger, Homestead Food Production, Household Food insecurity, Household Micronutrients Rich Food Consumption Pattern, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) status and knowledge level of hidden hunger (iron, iodine and vitamin A) etc. I have conducted four years academic research (Field work, from 2009-2012) in the field of Coastal land use change, understanding physical & human Geography of Teesta flood plain,  Water quality and life, Socio-economic condition of salt cultivator and Rakhaine business at different geographic region  by using qualitative and quantitative data collection method named Focus Group Discussion (FGD), In-Depth Interview (IDI), Case study, observation and structured questionnaire, data  processing, data analysis, representation of data and report writing. After that in the research field I have started my career with BRAC as a field research assistant. I have strong command on computer MS Word, Excel, and Power point, internet browsing, e-mail checking and chatting. I have good communication skill to communicate with the various types of people with local language and international language in different geographic region in Bangladesh, especially in CHTs region.   Moreover during my  student life, I wrote a number of articles and got those published in different newspapers in editorial page (Translate Bengali to English) “Japanese boy and we”, “New agriculture and development”, “Teesta River: The life of northern region”, “Digging stone and Environmental hazard”, “The story of  opportunity  in  tourism Industry”, “The story of opportunity in jute industry”.(26 may,2011, Prothom -Alo., 13july, 2012, Ittefaq., 1 August,  2012, Ittefaq., 20 September, 2012, Ittefaq ., 1 October,  2012, Ittefaq.,  23 December, 2012 Ittefaq respectively ). I have solid educational and working foundation in quantitative and qualitative research methods and excellent analytical and presentation skills on research report writing, monitoring, and evaluation. I have sound experience about “household food and nutrition insecurity, micronutrient rich foods, small-scale animal husbandry, WASH status, women and livelihood development, agriculture practices . Good working knowledge about childbearing women, child, adults, urban and rural poor people in different geographic region.  Have good knowledge on ethical assurance of research and solving problem Have experience on budget development, planning and questionnaire development, research report and proposal writing, and methodology development for the study.