Contact email:
Geographic scope: National
Country: Albania
Type of Institution: Civil society
Name in original language: Community Action for Dev. Programmes & Services
Legal status: Public
Name of the Department: agriculture
Role of record creator in institution / department: Director / executive
Climate-relevant agricultural research
Climate change research in my institution / department is linked to agricultural research areas: Yes
Description of climate-relevant ag research: we carry out research on crop cassava and value addition. we also research on the current climatic situation of my country and deforestation
Main / core research areas: Monitoring of climate and climate change, Monitoring - Climatological services, Climate change mitigation, Impacts of climate change, CC in agricultural systems - arable land, cropping systems, CC in agricultural systems - forests, CC in agricultural systems - mixedVery important research areas: Risks of present and future weather-driven disasters, Adaptation to climate change, CC in agricultural systems - agriculture greenhouse gas emissions, CC in agricultural systems - land, soils and territoryRelatively important areas: CC in agricultural systems - fisheries, CC in agricultural systems - hydroponicResearch level in your institution / department in the climate-related areas: Doctoral or equivalent / ISCED 8
Number of researchers in climate-related areas: Below 10
Average yearly expenditure in your institution / department on climate change research in recent years (EUR): Below 20,000
Type of funding sources for your climate-related research: GovernmentResearch focus: Development focused, linkages with the SouthCollaborations with other organizations: Civil society, Farmers, cooperatives and agricultural workers, SMEsCollaborations with other countries: Sierra Leone
Successful projects: Research on the impact of climate change on women in the Sierra Leone The effect of deforestation in communities. The impact of the weather and effect on groundnut cultivation in the northern part of Sierra Leone
Major needs of your institution / department to increase the impact of climate research: need and require experts on climateology funding for the renumeration of researchers & monitoring officers support to advocacy programmes and training of research officers and farmers at the local level other equipments
What is the current trend of interest in climate-related research in your institution?: Stable
What are your institution's plans regarding climate-related research?: Increasing it
Comments: will like to work with your survey coordinators to continue climate smart agriculture