Day: 30/10/2012
Timeslot: Saturday, 1 January, 0000 - 08:30 to 12:30
Belongs to conference: GCARD2 programme
Free social tags: GCARD2-F22
Session room: Rio de Janeiro B
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Detailed outline:
Expected outcomes:
A set of proposed collective actions agreed to improve the use of global foresight in making research and innovation systems more responsive to future development needs at global level
Theme of the sub-session: What role could smallholder farmers play in meeting future needs in food and nutrition security, poverty alleviation and sustainable management of natural resources?
Chair: Gine Zwart (Oxfam); Facilitator: Frédéric Lapeyrie (CRAI)
Illustrative cases: What new insights global foresight has brought and how do they shape research and policies (with also a discussion on smallholder farmers)
5 scenarios for 2050 - Conditions for Agriculture and Land use: I. Öborn (Swedish U. of Ag. Sciences)
The future of food and farming (UK Foresight study): Video presentation from UK Foresight
FAO perspectives 2050: P. Conforti (FAO)
From foresight to research programming: (Agrimonde and Dualine): M. Guillou (Agreenium)
Synthesis from the foresight review: What new insights global foresight has brought and how they have shaped research and policies (with also a discussion on smallholder farmers): R. Bourgeois (GFAR)
The foresight dimension into the CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework Action Plan: F. Rijsberman (CEO, CGIAR Consortium)
Proposal: How a Forward Thinking Platform can improve our understanding of future challenges: S. Treyer (IDDRI)
10:30 Coffee Break
Discussion: Identifying priorities at global level and informing research to respond to smallholder farmers’ future needs
Reflections on reshaping priorities and future challenges  
Responding Panellists: S. Ayyappan (ICAR), T. Arnold (Concern Worldwide), Pierre Fabre (CIRAD)
12:15 Wrap up Session: Towards Common Commitments
12:30 Close of the Session