The Global Forum's Secretariat provides support to the Partners’ Assembly, the Steering Committee and to the Partners in GFAR, catalysing their collective actions as they work together to transform agricultural research and innovation for greater impact in sustainable development. Located in the FAO Headquarters in Rome and with staff out-posted in a number of countries, the Secretariat is a tightly-focused team, comprising the GFAR Executive Secretary, senior officers/advisers responsible for specific areas of operation and administrative and technical staff. GFAR Secretariat also sustains the Secretariats for the Young Professionals in Agricultural Development (YPARD) and Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP) movements.

Current staff of the Secretariat:


GFAR Executive Secretary

Charles Plummer

Office Assistant/Communications officer

Wale Adekunle 

Senior Advisor, Innovation Platforms


Iman El-Kaffass

Senior Adviser, Capacity Development

Alessandro Meschinelli

Empowerment of farmers and rural communities