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An e-consultation carried out jointly by Cooperatives of the Americas and the Forum for the Americas on Agricultural Research and Technological Development (FORAGRO) aimed to gather the opinion of interested stakeholders on the requirements that ensure that research services reach the interested parties, are used and positively impact agriculture producers across the American hemisphere.

The survey was distributed via Survey Monkey and was sent to more than 21,000 stakeholders across the region. The survey contained three general questions related to respondent's name and country of work, and the nature of the organization, and sixteen specific questions particularly aimed at users of technology and knowledge. The survey remained open for a period of four weeks (end of Feburary to mid-March 2016). 145 completed surveys were received, of which 139 were considered valid and included in the statistical analysis by IICA specialists.

The results and report to GCARD3 Global Event of the regional consultation