The Forum’s document repository is a database of documents that are authored or published by GFAR or whose publication has been supported or facilitated by GFAR.
The repository uses standard bibliographic metadata and the AGROVOC thesaurus for subject indexing. The documentation is organized according to the GFAR Taxonomy, which has also been mapped to AGROVOC.

The GFAR repository is an AGRIS Center and its documents are available in the Agris search engine

RSS feeds have also been created to make GFAR publications available to other sites (see below).

A brief technical overview

The previous version of the GFAR document repository was hosted by FAO on an instance of the FAO EIMS cataloguing module. The EIMS module also supported the export of all records in XML using the AGRIS Application Profile. 

The current version is built on the Content Management System used for the whole website (Drupal) and uses a data model based on the Dublin Core, Bibo, FOAF and SKOS vocabularies. All records are exportable as XML via an OAI-PMH interface and as RDF via a SPARQL endpoint.

More information and examples available soon.

Feeds from the repository

An RSS feed of the latest 50 documents uploaded to the repository is available at:
If you want to retrieve all of the publications, you can do it in batches of 50 by adding ?page=n to the RSS URL, n being the page number.
So for instance if you want the last-but-one batch of 50 documents type:

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