Ghent University

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Geographic scope: Global or non-European
Country: Belgium
Type of Institution: University / higher education
Name in original language: Universiteit Gent
Legal status: PublicRole of record creator in institution / department: Director / executive
Climate-relevant agricultural research
Climate change research in my institution / department is linked to agricultural research areas: Yes
Description of climate-relevant ag research: UGent is an all-encompassing university with loads of R&D on climate change
Very important research areas: Monitoring of climate and climate change, Monitoring - Meteorological observations, Monitoring - Hydrological observations, Monitoring - Emissions monitoring and reporting, Monitoring - Climatological services, Risks of present and future weather-driven disasters, Adaptation to climate change, Climate change mitigation, Climate policies, Impacts of climate changeResearch level in your institution / department in the climate-related areas: Master or equivalent / ISCED 7, Doctoral or equivalent / ISCED 8, Post-doc
Number of researchers in climate-related areas: Above 500
Average yearly expenditure in your institution / department on climate change research in recent years (EUR): Above 5,000,000
Type of funding sources for your climate-related research: GovernmentResearch focus: Development focused, linkages with the SouthCollaborations with other organizations: Industry, Civil society, Consumer organizations, Farmers, cooperatives and agricultural workers, Government, International Organizations, Regional Fora / regional bodies, Rural advisory services
Successful projects: too numerous to present; also: our R&D targets most if not all of the countries sub 19, so: impossible to start marking all of these
Major needs of your institution / department to increase the impact of climate research: money, money, money
What is the current trend of interest in climate-related research in your institution?: Increasing: both researchers and funding bodies are increasingly interested
What are your institution's plans regarding climate-related research?: Increasing it