Global Conference on Women in Agriculture in New Delhi-Twitter

As we approach the Global Conference on Women in Agriculture in New Delhi (March 13-15)--the first conference of its kind--we look forward to working together to close the gender gap in agriculture. Specifically, we hope to highlight policies and reforms that empower women in developing countries to improve agricultural productivity and nutrition and reduce hunger and poverty.

Please join us in sharing the message in the lead up to and during the conference - here are some easy ways for you to help:
  1. Connect with us (and each other!): If you are not already, follow our tweets @GFARforum. We'll be sharing content in the lead up to and during the conference, and following related meetings and events such as the UN Commission on the Status of Women and International Women's Day. We've also started a Twitter list of sponsors, partner organizations and folks who will be attending the conference, so you can easily connect on Twitter with one another. Please email mgeis[at]burnesscommunications[dot]com to be added to the Twitter list. In addition, we've created a series of pre-crafted Tweets (full list attached) to raise the drum beat about this issue over the next few weeks. For example:

    • #GCWA Mar 13-15: We cannot eliminate #hunger without closing the #gendergap in #agriculture. VIDEO by @FAONews
    • Don't forget #womensday is Tues, March 8! For more on the importance of women in global agriculture, follow #GCWA
  2. Live-Tweet from Delhi: If you are attending the conference in Delhi next month, we would encourage you to share interesting take-aways, photos and content with your networks via Twitter or other platforms. We'll be using the #GCWA hashtag.
  3. Share original content: Please let us know if you would like to contribute original blog pieces or content that would help us tell the story of women's role in agriculture. We would also encourage you to post these on your own organization's site and link back to the conference site and press room. We may also suggest that we hold the piece and offer it exclusively to media sites such as LiveMint or the Guardian Global Development blog in order to increase exposure.
  4. Participate in our social media countdown: In the lead up to the conference, we will be Tweeting a "countdown" of interesting facts on women and agriculture to show the power of investing in women. That countdown, beginning March 1, is attached. We welcome and encourage your Tweets, RTs, or shares on Facebook. The first Tweet, for example, reads:

    • T-12 to #GCWA: We're counting down to the days first Global Conference on Women in Agriculture.

Thank you in advance for your support!



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