Affiliation: International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences
Keywords: Sugar confectionery, Living standards, Value added, Extension activities
Countries: Indonesia
Bio: I believe people are born to accomplish their mission to make the world a better place up to their way. So do I, which belief that we as students of the university could contribute on sustainable economic growth issues in Indonesia. My form of confidence of what I believe then converted into real action called Gingerangers Project which focus on strategic issues in Indonesia, such as food security and nutrition, increase agricultural productivity, the standard of living in rural populations. In outline, Gingerangers Project is working together with peasants families to cultivated ginger with innovative ways which increase the quantity of production up to five times. Additionally, another advantage of the planting method is the use of polybag so it does not need a large place. Nevertheless,  we realize that with the increasing quantity does not mean much if it can not provide added value to the product. For that, we innovate to bring a product "choco ped" ie ginger wrapped chocolates that offer warmth in each bite. Chocolate is expected to open up new markets as a unique chocolate flavors are not only sweet but also offers positive properties for health.