Affiliation: Agriculture Corner
Keywords: Production functions, Weather forecasting, Advisory officers, Communication technology
Countries: Pakistan
Bio: Agriculture Corner "Linking Farmers to Global Markets "[] a social networking platform for Pakistani farmers will allow them to directly contact other farmers, extension workers, scientists and allied professionals/ institutes, irrespective of their geographic location. The powerful role that information and communication technology (ICT) could play to ensure developmental effectiveness, by breaking the barriers of geographical remoteness, institutional exclusivities and individual capacities thus bringing in all the stakeholders – Government, private, research/academia, development agencies and NGO’s, – on an impartial, democratic and universally acceptable platform. mAgricultuer: Safe mAgriculture Solution - SMS is a simple text service with the aim to provide market prices, weather forecasts, farm advisory, news directly deliver to farmers mobile phones here in Pakistan. The product will be functional in March, 2013. Web Stats February-2015: Registered Member : 3,400 Sessions: 18,000 Page Views: 25,500    Download Mobile app: