Day: 29/10/2012
Timeslot: Saturday, 1 January, 0000 - 14:00 to 17:30
Belongs to conference: GCARD2 programme
Free social tags: GCARD2-P11
Session room: Punta del Este A
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Detailed outline:
Expected outcomes:

Identify key constraints to be addressed and required partnership commitments to be implemented in 2012-2014 to build successful international partnerships addressing food security.
Introduction: embracing the complexity of Food Security
Chair: Ken Cassman (CGIAR ISPC Chair) ; Facilitator: Thomas Randolph (ILRI)
Large scale commodity systems Initiatives
Innovative partnerships in MAIZE: the MasAgro experience: D. Watson (CRP Maize CIMMYT/Mexico Masagro, INIFAP)
The contribution of rice research to global Food Security: B. Bouman (CRP GRiSP – Rice) 
Mobilizing AR4D partnerships to improve access and consumption of critical animal-source foods: T. Randolph (CRP Livestock and fish)
The Wheat Initiative an international research initiative for wheat improvement: H. Lucas (IRIWI France)
Strengthening regional and national innovation pathways and regional strategies and policies for Food security 
Wheat Improvement in Asia FAO/APAARI/CIMMYT/ICARDA/JIRCAS: T. Lumpkin (CIMMYT & on behalf of partners)
Feeding a Billion People: the Indian Way: S. Ayyappan  (ICAR) 
15:00 Discussion –The Plenary
15:30 Coffee Break
Farmer involvement in scaling-out impacts on major crops
AGRA public-private: M. Kroma (AGRA/AWARD) 
ALINe study on feedback loops: W. Dogbe (CSIR Ghana) (M. Wopereis or B. Bouman for GRiSP)
16:30 Discussion – Participants
Reflections on the issues raised: practical implications in improving food security 
Responding Panellists: B. Adolph (IIED); N. Van Bo (Vietnam VAAS); P. Kapondamgaga (Farmers Union of Malawi)
17:20 Wrap up Session
17:30 Close of the Session