Day: 30/10/2012
Timeslot: Saturday, 1 January, 0000 - 08:30 to 12:30
Belongs to conference: GCARD2 programme
Free social tags: GCARD2-P23
Session room: Rio de Janeiro C
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Detailed outline:
Expected outcomes:
Collective alliance agreed integrating programmes on climate change adaptation & mitigation at national, regional and international levels over the two years ahead.
Introduction: Achieving Food Security in the Face of Climate Change: Recommendations of the Commission of the Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change –Why we need a step change in our partnerships models?
Chair: Federica Rossi (WMO); Facilitator: Mainza Mugoya (EAFF)
How understanding of climate change scenarios has shaped new regional partnerships in research for development
Climate change forecasts: implications for regional climate change partnerships: J. Kinyangi (Regional Program Leader ILRI/CCAFS)
Global Research Alliance for Agricultural Greenhouse Gases: H. Montgomery (GRA-AGG)
Regional approaches towards climate-smart agriculture
Developing regional AR4D responses to climate change implications: M. Al Ajlouni (AARINENA)
Building Regional Community Learning Platforms for Climate Change and Food Security : A. Yaye (ANAFE)
Addressing national needs through AR4D processes
Fighting against desertification: Africa, Brazil and France: M. Bouvet (IRD/AIRD)
Improving Adaptation to Climate Change for Sustainable Development in the Agricultural Sector of Uruguay: The National Agricultural Information System: W. Baethgen (International Institute for Research on Climate and Society – (IRI)
09:50 Discussion   Participants
10:30 Coffee Break
Research initiatives to integrate local communities into AR4D processes 
Community engagement in forest management for adaptation and mitigation: A. Sitoe (Mozambique University/ CRP6)
Climate Change and Agriculture in Ghana: Issues, Research Initiatives and Partnerships: J. Naab (CSIR)
11:20 Discussion – Participants
Establishing the Global Alliance: to inform policy and practice “Foresight and partnerships, from global to local levels, for climate change adaptation and mitigation”
Action Plan (as panel):
R. Echeverria (CIAT)
W. Oyhantcabal/ M. Boehm (GRA-Agriculture Greenhouse Gases)
K. Sivi Njojo (SDI)
D. Radcliffe (EC)

P. Holmgen (CIFOR)

12:20 Wrap up Session
12:30 Close of the Session