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University of agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan

Graduated for PhD degree from south china agricultural university Guangzhou, China in 2008 and currently serving in university of agriculture faisalabad pakistan as Assistant Professor. My expertise is in crop stress management and climate change studies along with development of mitigation and adaptation strategies. I wish to collaborate with the scientists all over the world to develop agriculture on modern agenda. Am honored to serve as the LR- Local representative for the YPARD-Pakistan and working with a dynamic team of young professionals in agriculture mainly in Punjab Province but aim to extend the group activities through our network of agrarians in all other provinces of Pakistan with the slogan "Bringing agricultural innovations to farmers" . Agriculture sector of Pakistan is highly vulnerable to the climatic changes and we have observed the extreme weather events like floods and droughts in the recent years. The adaptation and mitigation strategies development is the key task we are performing along with gender involvement. A recent initiative is "Pakistan Biochar initiative" Two international workshops have been conducted on this platform and we have taken on board all the experties available on biochar in Pakistan and doing collaborative efforts to improve the use of Biochar (A Carbon rich compund) that has multipurose applications for soil improvement.  - my profile is available at
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