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Overseas Development Institute, Sustainable Food Trust

I am a freelancer in sustainable agriculture and food systems. Advocating both a research-based and practical approach to this field, I have a diverse range of professional work experience.
This includes journalism on sustainable food and ethical lifestyles, and acting as communications officer for social enterprises supporting permaculture, local food and nutrition. I also worked as a cooking skills trainer for children and adults in food insecure areas of north-east England, and am in the midst of establishing a pop-up restaurant in Oxford which is centred on education about and enjoyment of good, sustainable food. I also work as an independent consultant for an international development think-tank, focusing mainly on smallholder agriculture, climate change and food security challenges in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 
In my spare time, I maintain my own personal website - Business as Unusual - which tells of the politics, ethics, environments and culture behind our food and agricultural system. You can find out more here: