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Agricultural Research Council South Africa

I have a Bsc(Agriculture) in Applied Plant and Soil Sciences qualification from the University Of Pretoria. I am very passionate about crop agriculture. After completing my degree I had a gap year when I was unemployed, I used this time to really figure what I would like to do with my qualification. That was when I got an internship from the  Agricultural Research Council in South Africa. This internship which I am currently involved deals with myself being an agricultural information giver to emerging farmers who cannot access experts within the Agricultural Research Council, when I know something, I can give advice as well, so basically I serve as an extension scientist but under the Agricultural Research Council. 
Another aspect of the internship is the agricultural entrepreneurship side whereby I am being mentored to become a role player in the agricultural business, more especially in the agro-processing side of things. Through this internship I have been able to obtain a qualification is extension advisory methods and agricultural business management. I am also involved in maize, sunflower and dry bean crop farming and in terms of livestock, I am involved in pigs, goats, beef cattle and indegenous chickens, I do all these work with my partners, an uncle and a cousin. The farm where I am based in is in a farming area called Putfontein in the North West.
I am very passionate about using the knowledge which I have obtained as a young agriculturist to benefit rural communities, beginning with the one where I am based. My mission or aim is to use this agriculture that I possess to transform the socio-economic status of rural people. This will however not be done on a small-scale, I would like to commercialze the ideas of rural people and show to the world that those people living in the dust are amazing.