Affiliation: Katalyst-Swisscontact
Keywords: Private sector, First aid, Economic systems
Countries: Bangladesh
Bio: Mr. Mohammad Shahroz Jalil has been with Katalyst since July 2003. He has a business background with work experience of over 12 year in development and private sector. Mr. Jalil started his career has Trade marketing officer for British American Tobacco and then moved on to different assignments before starting his own initiative on export related IT related services. Later on he moved into Katalyst where as Director, Services groups he looks over the work in the cross sector markets like ICT, Media, Distribution, Haats and sees how these markets could act as catalyst for growth of key sectors of the economy. He has gained significant experience in understanding private and public sector incentives, negotiating and making deals with the private sector and most importantly linking them to sustainable development. He has participated in various international training and conferences on BDS, LED approach, Value Chain analysis, project management in development etc. Mr. Jalil has undertaken various consulting assignment for private sectors and aid agencies. He was also involved as part of a consulting team involved in a country scoping of a market development approach in Fiji Island for Aus aid.