14 May 2009


The winners for the Science Forum 2009 Poster Competition have been chosen!

GFAR is pleased to announce the results of the Science Forum 2009 Poster Competition “ICTs: Enabling Agricultural Science to Be a Social Endeavour”.  


There were 29 entries accepted in the competitive section. Four entries were not accepted as they did not meet the conditions of the competition.








The winner of the GFAR sponsorship for participation in the Science Forum 2009 is the team lead by K.A.S. Mani, P.S. Rao, and  S.V. Govardhan Das for “Rural Information Kiosk: Taking IT to farmers for improving crop water efficiency in areas subjected to groundwater distress: an FAO-India initiative”.


The other posters accepted for presentation at the Science Forum 2009 were created by the following teams:


L.H. Prasetyo, T. Susanti, S. Sopiyana, P.P. Ketaren, E. Juwarini, Sumanto, U. Fitrotin, and D. Sudarman for “Empowering Small-Scale Farmers Through Participation of Women Group in Indonesia: Training and Publication Media as Mean of Technology Transfer”; 


Alessandra Galié and Bernhard Hack for “The International Farmers Conference: Using mobile phones to tell stories and share knowledge”;


Sadi Tosiah, N. Mohd Shukor, K. Maya Izar, I. Salma, J. Rosliza, M. Muhamad Radzali, and A. Khadijah for “AgrobIS: MARDI effort on sharing information of Agriculture biodiversity”; 


D. Barthélémy, N. Boujemaa, D. Mathieu, J.-F. Molino, P.Bonnet, T. Le Bourgeois, P. Grard, J. Prospéri, P. Birnbaum, F.Theveny, R.Enficiaud for Pl@ntWeed, a collaborative weeds identification platform and tools”;


Evelyn Katingi, Ravi Prabhu, Antonella Pastore, Michael Marus, and Muthoni Njiru for “Routes to better partnership: A map of CGIAR research in Africa”;


Adewale Aale Adekunle and Krishna Alluri for “ICT helping scientists engage Innovation citizens in southern Nigeria: A case of ICT reinforced Maize Innovation Cluster in Ago-Are, Oyo State of Nigeria”;


Myra Wopereis-Pura, Dady Demby, Francois Stepman, Krishan Bheenick, Kone Anatole, and Jacky Nyagahima for “Connecting people to catalyze African agricultural innovation-Regional Agricultural Information and Learning Systems (RAILS) of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)”;


Danièle Clavel, Christine Andela, Souleyman Ouattara, and Oumy Ndiaye for “Innovations and learning processes in rural zones of Africa: Interactive knowledge-sharing gateways for sustainable social as well as technical progress”; and 


Neelam Lavanya Kiran for “The Virtual Academy for the Semi Arid Tropics-a case study of a process prototype for fostering drought preparedness among vulnerable communities”.


To learn more about the Science Forum 2009 and to see all of the selected posters and abstracts, please check the GFAR website (www.egfar.org), as we will be posting all of the entries very soon.