(see English below) INFOTEC, una iniciativa de FORAGRO, es un sistema para compartir información científica, tecnológica y de innovación agropecuaria de las Américas. Aprovecha la plataforma desarrollada por el IICA para compartir información en diversos temas. El tipo de información que se comparte en INFOTEC incluye documentos a texto completo - incluso literatura gris, noticias, eventos, enlaces a información en otras fuentes y ofertas o demandas tecnológicas. Se envían boletines a todos los suscriptores cada 1-2 semanas.

Biofuels Information Exchange

The CABI Biofuels Information Exchange has been set up in recognition of the fact that Biofuels are now a massive issue for the world. CABI has responded to the need for a place where experts in this field can discuss their research, experiences and findings by developing and hosting this site. We welcome you to the debate.

NARI Website

Website of Papua New Guinea's National Agricultural Research Institute

NACA Newsfeed

RSS feed of news stories and articles relating to aquaculture and aquatic resource management in Asia.

AgInfo News from IAALD

Blog from IAALD reporting on developments concerning agricultural information, libraries, ICTs, knowledge-sharing and communication.

CIAT News Blog

CIAT related news and comments.

Technologies and Practices for Small Agricultural Producers (TECA)

TECA is FAO’s web platform providing practical information in English, French and Spanish on different agricultural issues from around the world to support small producers in the field. The technologies and practices are provided by technical divisions within FAO and TECA’s partners. Registered users of TECA can provide feedback on technologies and practices. TECA also offers users the possibility to discuss challenges faced by small agricultural producers, and jointly develop sustainable solutions for small agricultural producers in its Exchange Groups.


GFAR is a multi-stakeholder initiative that contributes to eradicating poverty, achieving food security, and conserving and managing natural resources. It enhances national capacities to generate, adapt and transfer knowledge. GFAR publishes its news through RSS feeds. In addition to site-wide RSS feed, you can also get speciic RSS feeds on topics related to the main pillars of GFAR's activity: Foresight, Partnerships, Transformative investments, Capacities for change, Research in society, Accountability for actions.