GREENPILOT is the virtual library for Nutrition, the Environment and Agriculture. GREENPILOT combines different valuable information resources into a single portal to search, find and retrieve relevant scientific information in the nutritional, environmental and agricultural sciences. GREENPILOT is a search engine based on intuitive search engine technology. During the search process, GREENPILOT processes the textual content of the various integrated information resources and adds it to the specialised GREENPILOT-index. The search results are a list of results ranked in order of relevance to the original query. Furthermore, to provide the user with a cross-language search, which finds related synonyms to the original search query, thesauri is integrated in the search process. GREENPILOT currently contains the content of various national and international databases, catalogues of specialised libraries, scientific relevant websites and full texts from freely accessible online journals. The access to GREENPILOT and its features is free of charge. The development of GREENPILOT was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).  
Countries: Germany