The establishment of NCARTT goes back to the last 50's when the Department of Research and Extension was created. In the mid 80’s, reformulated to become “The National center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer”. It was in charge of conducting applied Research at the national level. A few years later (1993) NCARTT became a semi-antonymous institution with administrative and financial independence.   NCARTT has good relationships with many regional and international institution, such as the world bank, the European Commission, United Nations Development Project, FAO, USAID, German Technical Corporation (GTZ), International Development and Research Center (IDRC), ICARDA, ACSAD, AARINNA, Arab Fund For Economic and Social Development (AFESD), Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, and many others.   NCARTT consists of a main headquarter located at Al-Hussein Agricultural Experiment Station at Balqa'a and six Regional Centers in Deir Alla, Ramtha, Khaldieh, Mushaqar, Rabba, Shoubak.
Countries: Jordan
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