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National Agriculture Research Systems (NARS). Steering Committee Meeting. (12 : 2002 : Manila, The Philippines)
Publication date: 01/01/2002
GFAR Chair Raj Paroda opened the meeting by welcoming all stakeholders present in the meeting. In his statement, he highlighted the need to strengthen the role of the NARS Steering Committee in the light of changes taking place within GFAR. He cited the importance of advancing inter-regional activities and called for a more enhanced interaction of the secretariats of both GFAR and the regional/sub-regional fora. The Chair acknowledged the GFAR Secretariat for being able to handle very well the transition phase of GFAR. He also introduced and welcomed the incoming GFAR Executive Secretary Dr. Ola Smith. He further appreciated the offer of ISNAR to second a senior staff to GFAR. Dr. Paroda also expressed his concern over further delay in the signing of the GFAR Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between IFAD and FAO. The agenda was adopted and the minutes of the 11th NARS Sub-Committee meeting were approved without any modifications.
Statutory meeting document - SC