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National Agriculture Research Systems (NARS). Steering Committee Meeting. (04 : 1998 : Washington D.C., USA)
Publication date: 01/01/1998
The meeting was opened by Dr. R.S. Paroda, Chairman of the NARS Steering Committee (NARS-SC). In his introductory speech, after having welcome the 22 participants who attended the meeting, he emphasized the following points : ¿ Significant progress has been made since Brasilia; ¿ The most important event was probably the selection and appointment of Fernando Chaparro as the first NARS Executive Secretary; ¿ A major concern is the low mobilization of the NARS-SC members as well as of the sub-regional associations behind the NARS secretariat; ¿ Enough time should be devoted to the discussion of the Program of Work and Budget of the NARS Secretariat as this is the first time that the NARS Secretariat is operational and that funds are available; ¿ Another key question which has to be addressed during this week as it may impact on GFAR and its NARS component, is the report of the CGIAR External Review. Dr. R.S. Paroda concluded his introductory remarks by wishing a very successful and fruitful meeting to all participants. He then asked Dr. M. Houssou, vice-Chairman of the NARS-SC and Chairman of the NARS Executive Secretary Selection Committee, to also welcome the participants. Dr. Houssou reaffirmed his full confidence in GFAR and his conviction that the NARS will greatly benefit from the establishment of the NARS Secretariat. The proposed agenda was then adopted without modification.
Statutory meeting document - SC