Following the successful AgriFutureDays 2014 in Villach and 2015 in Beijing, the “Club of Ossiach” (CoO) focusing on the use of Information Communication Technologies within agriculture, forestry and environment around the world will organize this year's “AgriFutureDays 2016” from 22 to 24 June, 2016. Organized in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Global Forum for Agriculture and Research and PROGIS, Austria, the theme of the conference will be


Experts from GFAR, FAO, EC, JRC will speak and three workshops will be organized on the subjects:
1) Technology and Technology integration – the benefits;
2) Chain management and stakeholder´s cooperation – public and private partnership and
3) Education and local experience integration

Participants will discuss and present several technologies, products, innovations, services and methods that not only show the benefits for farmers, farm advisors and the public sector but also explain the enormous impact these new technologies will have in building new services for these customer groups: the entire agro-food chain, from farmers via suppliers/buyers to consumers.

The three workshops will enable participants to understand these future markets and discuss them with experts, with an overarching focus on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Details of the program are available at

For registrations before 15 May, PROGIS will offer free of charge a 12 months WinGIS license including the brand new EC satellite Sentinel II color-images with NDVI index maps integrated for a 100 ha trial region with an astonishing update frequency of 5-10 days. 

If you are interested to sponsor, to present or to exhibit, please send a query to clubofossiach[at]agrifuturedays[dot]com

22/06/2016 to 26/06/2016
City: Villach
Contact email: