The Latin American and Caribbean region as a whole is already the largest net food exporting region in the world, and it still has achieved only a small fraction of its potential to expand agricultural production for regional consumption and global export. 

To meet the expected demand, governments and producers will have to work together to create environmentally sustainable, market-driven systems of agriculture and food production. Established by the Inter-American Development Bank, The Nature Conservancy and championed by the global science and technology company Dow, AgroLAC 2025 is a new multi-donor funding platform that is working to support sustainable agricultural development in Latin America and the Caribbean and thereby help the region fulfill its potential in becoming a major part of the solution to both global and regional food security.

AgroLAC 2025 expects to start funding projects during the first quarter of 2016.  To bring everyone up to speed on how this will work, as well as promote networking among organizations to support project development, the next AgroLAC 2025 Partner & Project Conference 2016 will be held March 30 - April 1 in Cali, Colombia, hosted by CIAT. 

Attached is a one-pager on AgroLAC2025 in both English and Spanish for your information. For details of the meeting, please visit the AgroLAC2025 website. Kindly note the meeting will be held mainly in Spanish without translation.

30/03/2016 to 01/04/2016
City: Cali
Country: Colombia