At the 2015 Milan World Expo (link) Commissioner for Research and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, announced his intention to launch a Food Research Area by World Food Day 2016, presenting a single thematic Research and Innovation narrative built on a number of key Food and Nutrition Security priorities:

  1. NUTRITION: Reducing hunger and malnutrition, addressing food safety and diet-related disease, and helping citizens adopt sustainable diets and healthy lives
  2. CLIMATE: Building climate and global change-resilient food systems
  3. CIRCULARITY: Implementing sustainability and circular economy principles across food systems
  4. INNOVATION: Boosting innovation and investment, while empowering communities

FOOD 2030 builds of this intention and is a timely EU research and innovation policy response to the recent international policy developments including the SDGs and COP21 commitments.



The FOOD 2030 high level event will provide a platform for dialogue that seeks to build on the political momentum for a coherent research and innovation policy framework for Food and Nutrition Security. The conference is an important step towards boosting future investment in research and innovation in support of impactful nutrition and food systems research breakthroughs, market-creating and open innovation, open science and multi-actor engagement, building of capacities and skills; and strengthening global collaboration for improved research policy alignment.

FOOD 2030 will explore what is needed to transform and future-proof our food systems to be sustainable, resilient, competitive, diverse, responsible and performant in their provision of accessible, healthy and sustainable food and diets for all. Furthermore, FOOD 2030 will investigate how research and innovation systems can be scaled-up to better contribute to the above Food and Nutrition Security priorities.

For more information, visit the European Commission website.

12/10/2016 to 13/10/2016
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium