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  • Adel El-Beltagy, GFAR Chair: presentation at the CGIAR AGM 07: video
    (from the CGIAR website)
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GFAR Steering Committee

More photos of the GFAR Statutory Meetings in Bejing on www.flickr.com

Schedule of the GFAR Statutory Meetings held at Beijing, China. 

  1. GFAR Programme Committee - 28 (Wednesday) and 29th November 2007 (Thursday)
  2. Meeting of the Executive Secretaries of Regional Forums for Inter-Regional Activities - Afternoon of 29th November 2007
  3. GFAR Steering Committee - 30th (Friday) November 2007 and 1st (Saturday) December 2007
  4. Donor Support Group Meeting - To be finalized. Tentatively it will held in the afternoon of 1st December 2007.

The GFAR Statutory meetings were held prior to the CGIAR Annual General Meeting being held from 3rd December 2007 also in Beijing. 

In preparation for the meetings, the GFAR secretariat launched an electronic consultation on GFARs program of activities for 2008 and beyond.
The forum is accessible from EGFAR: login (or register) here and access the forums from "Community and forums". The name of the forum is "GFAR Programme".

Tuesday, 27 November, 2007 to Friday, 30 November, 2007