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What is GFAR Talks? 

GFAR Talks is a showcase for debate on challenging and provocative topics related to agrifood system transformation, climate change and innovations in agriculture. These debates make use of GFAR’s global platform to put farmers, women and indigenous and marginalized communities center stage, making for a lively and all-inclusive experience.

For this initiative, GFAR is partnering with YPARD - Young Professionals for Agricultural Development - to ensure that youth is represented, that their voices are heard. Youth representatives will be invited to contribute to the webinars as participants, experts, moderators or panelists.  

Why GFAR Talks? 

The objective of GFAR Talks is to engage Partners in GFAR and other stakeholders in strategic dialogues and topical debates on complex and often controversial issues related to all aspects of agrifood systems. In addition to experts and opinion makers, GFAR Talks will give a voice to often marginalized groups to express their views, perspectives and insights on each topic. 


Four editions of GFAR Talks will be held over the course of 2022, each lasting 60 minutes. Two speakers will be invited to give their unique perspectives on a particular topic and will then move to a session dedicated to questions and comments. Prof. Dr. Sayed Azam-Ali will moderate GFAR Talks.  


Topics for discussion will be timely and of interest to a broad cross section of the GFAR community. They may also be related to specific global or regional events or topical actions of interest to Partners in GFAR.

While GFAR Secretariat will host GFAR Talks, GFAR does not endorse the views expressed, in an effort to ensure wide-ranging and independent opinions from invited speakers.  

GFAR Talks Webinars 

GFAR Talks Premiere Debate - UNFSS: Where Next?

GFAR Talks II - The war in Ukraine and the global agrifood system: Implications for Africa and beyond