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The GODAN Summit will bring together world leaders, researchers, farmers, students and others - public, private and non-profit united around a collaboration on agriculture and nutrition data openness. Join the largest event ever planned for open data in agriculture and nutrition. The goals of the Summit are to illustrate the opening, the use, and the importance of agriculture and nutrition data.

For the first time in human history, the knowledge to end hunger exists on Earth.  

Experts tell us that we currently produce enough food on planet Earth to adequately feed the world population. Yet, nearly 800 million people struggle with debilitating hunger and malnutrition in every corner of the globe, one in every nine people, with the majority being women and children. We are convinced that the solution to closing this unacceptable hunger gap lies within agriculture and nutrition data. The GODAN Summit will showcase innovative open data success stories from across the world.

For more information, visit the GODAN website.

2016-09-15 - 2016-09-16