Convened annually by The Chicago Council, the Global Food Security Symposium discusses the US government's and international community’s progress on addressing global food and nutrition security. The Global Food Security Symposium 2015 will address food systems for improved health. The symposium will also be the platform for the release of a new Chicago Council study recommending ways the US can leverage its research institutions, deploy development and trade tools, and engage with business to improve health and nutrition globally. For more information, please contact Tria Raimundo, assistant director, Global Agriculture & Food.
Whether attending the event or watching via live stream, the social media toolkit has tools to facilitate discussion and engagement on our digital platforms.

Healthy Food for a Healthy World Campaign

Over the past ten weeks, in the lead-up to our Global Food Security Symposium, The Chicago Council’s blog series, "Healthy Food for a Healthy World," has built awareness about the important role healthy food can play in promoting health and curbing malnutrition. Read the posts