'WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: The Circular Economy to Food Security', will have a diverse group of speakers—policy makers, corporate sector leaders, key researchers and in-the-field practitioners—to address food loss and waste (FLW) issues and present case studies for Australia and the developing world.

The FLW topic we will be focussing on embraces the whole field-to-fork value chain: production, post-production procedures, processing, distribution and consumption. It extends into the impact on global warming and promotes questions such as who benefits and who loses from the losses, and who should pay for their reduction. What are the roles of the public and private sectors, and supermarkets? What are the solutions and innovative work underway, including in the management and reuse of waste, to get us through a circular economy?

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29/08/2016 to 30/08/2016
City: Canberra