Countries: Cameroon

Emmanuel NGENGE NGEH is the founder and cheif executive officer of YOFADEG.

YOFADEG is a national organisation in Cameroon created by youth but not for youth only. Young farmers development group was created to booster agriculture and good health in the society by encouraging youth in particular and the general public in general.

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Emmanuel Ngenge formerly was the secretary general of network of african youth for development cameroon chapter and the executive secretary of promotion of sustainable development in donga mantung association (PROSDOMA).

I also occupy a post as the board member of Nkambe-Ako small farmers federation.

I was born in a poor family and peasant agriculture was what my parent do practiced. I grew up in the farm and did agriculture not because i loved agriculture but because that was the only source of livelihood. Today I have a passion for agriculture and love agriculture.

I will not fold my arms to see youth roaming around and crying for jobs when there are better opportunities for agriculture. I am an advocate for agriculture.

Youth wether they like it or not being the backborn of the today's society shall get into agriculture conciously or unconciously and i will not wait for youth to get into agriculture unconciously. This is the reason why i joint this platform and others to advocate for youth and encourage agriculture which i love so much and to share with youth and the old opportunities and advantages in agriculture.