Affiliation: The University of the West Indies

Professor of Livestock Science at the Open Tropical Forage-Animal Production Laboratory [OTF-APL] of the Department of Food Production [DFP], The Faculty of Science and Agriculture [FSA], The University of the West Indies [UWI], St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. I have experience in the Feeding of Sugarcane and Sugarcane derived feeds to livestock. An electronic version of a recent publication can be obtained from me via email. The publication is " A guide to the use of sugarcane and its by-products as animal feed: a manual for farmers and livestock production specialists" by Harry Archimede and Gary Wayne Garcia [INRA-UWI]. I am also involved in the teaching of and research in Neo-tropical Animal Production Systems. Production Models for the Agouti [Dasyprocta leporina] and the Collared Peccary has been developed.
Gary Wayne Garcia