Affiliation: NOSA Agricultural Services
Countries: South Africa

NOSA Agri strives to be the leader in up to date agricultural training and education in Africa.

Our vision:

To uplift and empower African agriculture through the provision of a sustainable, appropriate and relevant agricultural training and education system.

Our strategy:

NOSA Agri is guided by PEOPLE, ENVIRONMENT, PROFIT and SUSTAINABILITY principles and aims to achieve our vision by:

Empowering PEOPLE through appropriate agricultural training and education.
Ensuring that modern and conservation agriculture techniques and methods are disseminated through training to protect and conserve the ENVIRONMENT.
Being a catalyst for the African farmer to commercialise and generate PROFIT from their farm business, sustaining their own families and helping grow the rural economy.
Achieving long lasting success and impact; as such systems must be in place to achieve SUSTAINABILITY, both environmentally and through continuous support from improved agricultural extension.