Affiliation: WACOMAC
Countries: Cameroon

I hold a BA Hons Environmental Management
Particular areas of Interest: Conflict management, peace building, Human rights activist,. Livelihoods and socio-economic rights, poverty and chronic poverty, participatory poverty assessment.
Mastery of Languagages:
English: Good
French: Good
Spanish: Fair
Excellent analytical and communication skills, with a good mastery of both the French and English Languages. Endowed with a variety of skills and experiences, open and very sociable. Interest in cultural exchange, conflict Resolution, influencing professionalization of occupational groups and providing a framework for better understanding the spatial dynamics that exist between social, environmental and economic factors: associations and Community involvement activities etc
I understand that this course will comprise the very cream instructors and other professionals in the field who will be able to share the most needed experience which we really need to meet our career goals. In