Affiliation: J.N.K.V.V.
Countries: India

Professor V.K. Gour is serving in the Deptt. of Plant Breeding & Genetics, Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur, India since 29 yrs. He has developed three varieties of soybean and one variety of chickpea as plant breeder.

Served as expert member in several committees of universities and related bodies viz. EPCO, NOVOD Board, State Biodiversity Board; member M.P. State Jatropha Development Committee etc.

He handled number of research projects covering various aspects viz. Mapping of isozymes and morphological trait loci, & breeding new plant type in chickpea; conservation of agri-biodiversity, impact studies of climate change on adaptation and vulnerability of plant biodiversity and genetic improvement of Jatropha for biofuel.

Conducted study on “Evidence Generation and Policy and Institutional Mapping on Food and Bioenergy for South Asia – India and Pakistan” assigned by APAARI (2009), served as team member of Southern Agriculture Group (ERAARD).

Participated in G