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GCARD2 - Delivering the Change

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How do we reshape research together so that it better answers the needs of resource poor smallholder farmers and fosters rapid rural development?
In 2010 the GCARD1 produced the GCARD Road Map paving the way towards more responsive and relevant agricultural research for development systems around the world.

The purpose of the GCARD2 Conference was to move from WHY transformation of agricultural research for develoment, to HOW to implement the Road Map in practice and WHAT difference does it make. The objective of the GCARD2 was to take stock of progress and lessons from experiences in developing and strengthening collaborative actions to transform innovation processes towards achieving large scale development impacts, in particular on the livelihoods of resource poor smallholder farmers.

Under the guidance of the GCARD2 Organizing Committee, GCARD 2012 provided the opportunity for all sectors and regions to report their activities since 2010 and to agree on collective actions and next steps in implementation of the GCARD Road Map and the CGIAR Strategy & Results Framework.

Download the GCARD2 brochure