The GCARD3 national consultation workshop for CGIAR site integration was held in Abuja with the specific objectives of:
1. Understanding the country’s ARD strategy and plans for agricultural R&D
2. Understanding how various groups, including CGIAR, are contributing to the R&D goals and targets
3. Developing an integration plan, incorporating national program priorities, harmonizing efforts of CGIAR and those of other partners for realizing the country’s R&D goals and targets
4. Developing a plan for tracking progress and assessing impact of the integrated implementation
5. Developing resourcing modalities for implementing the integrated plan
6. Developing a governance structure, communication plans, and coordination mechanisms

Expected outputs/outcomes were:
1. Defined country priorities and actions
2. A site integration plan
3. A progress-tracking and impact assessment plan
4. A governance structure and coordination mechanism
5. A resourcing plan
6. A communication plan agreed upon

For more information on this national consultation contact the CGIAR Consortium Office (N.Manning[at]cgiar[dot]org) or Alfred Dixon, IITA (a.dixon[at]cgiar[dot]org)

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Thursday, 15 Oct. 2015