The major objectives of the national consultation workshop in Tanzania are as follows:

  1. Engaging with and listening to national partners and stakeholders towards learning and understanding their priorities and their planned actions for the CGIAR centers and programs to align, support and partner with respectively;
  2. Understand the overall goals and targets for the country and how various groups are contributing to this‐including how CGIAR presence (in a collective way) can contribute to this;
  3. Share and discuss what the CGIAR presence in the country will be able to offer in the pathway towards the agricultural development goals of the country in both research and other enablers such as capacity strengthening and development, policy engagement etc.)
  4. Discuss and plan how CGIAR may be able to work together more with the partners and
  5. To understand how the integrated efforts of CGIAR can complement those of other partners in the country and national programs to contribute towards the country level development goals.

For more information on this national consultation contact the CGIAR Consortium Office (n.manning[at]cgiar[dot]org) or Regina Kapinga (r.kapinga[at]cgiar[dot]org).

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Thursday, 15 Oct. 2015