GFAR Annual Report 2013

Partners from all sectors work together through GFAR to strengthen links between agricultural research and wider society. GFAR fosters large scale change in agricultural research and innovation systems to better meet the needs of the poor, in particular of resource-poor smallholder producers. As reported here, 2013 was a year of reform and new ways forward for the Forum, an exciting period of change to create a vibrant and effective Forum for all and help enable humanity to meet tomorrow’s agricultural challenges today.

The Futures of Agriculture. Brief No. 43. Climate change: do we know how it will affect smallholder livestock farmers?

This brief series was developed in preparation for the Foresight Breakout Session of the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD 2012) and the Global Foresight Hub1. The briefs were written to communicate to a wider audience, such as policy makers, civil society organizations, researchers, and funders. The briefs were classified into three categories: Future Studies, Regional Update, and Visioning.