GCARD2. Breakout session P2.3 Climate Change – Speaker Brief - A global challenge: Fighting against desertification

The tripartite call for proposals Africa/Brazil/France “Fight against desertification in Africa” has been launched and about ten research projects will be supported in 2013. The targeted geographic regions are the African arid and semi-arid regions, especially the areas covered by the Great Green Wall (GGW). All the projects funded will be jointly implemented by scientists from Africa, Brazil and France.

GCARD2. Breakout session C1.3 North-South and South-South Collaborative Actions – Speaker Brief - CORAF/CIRAD and IRD collaborative research platforms in West and Central Africa

This presentation is under the aegis of the West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF/WECARD). It presents the example of the concrete achievements implemented by two institutions, IRD and CIRAD, which contribute significantly to partnership research programmes in the region and the implementation of CORAF/WECARD long-term strategy.

GCARD2. Breakout session P1.2 Household Nutrition Security: Speaker Brief - Development Opportunity Crops and Species (DOCS): an Essential Contribution to World Food Sustainability and Nutrition

Enhancing diversity through the use of neglected, underutilized crops and species will not only diversify agro-ecosystems and rotations, but also likely to improve adaptability to extreme climatic conditions, provide resilience to biotic and abiotic stresses and produce harvestable yields where major crops may fail. This will enhance local productivity and yield stability, thus improving local food and nutritional security while sustaining the genetic resources needed to address present and future environmental challenges.

GCARD2. Breakout session P1.2 Household Nutrition Security: Speaker Brief - South Asia Food And Nutrition Security Initiative (SAFANSI) - Secure Nutrition Knowledge Platform

Over the past three years, the World Bank has made a concerted effort to scale-up work in nutrition and is strongly committed to increasing the multisectorality of its investments by supporting nutrition through other relevant sectors, such as agriculture, social protection and education. The Bank's work on nutrition is based on the scale-up of evidence-based interventions, targeted at the most vulnerable populations.

GCARD2. Breakout session P1.1 National Food Security – Synthesis Briefing Paper

The various AR4D initiatives focusing on improving food security face similar challenges such as how to link basic biological research at the international level to its application on the ground in specific countries and contexts, or how to work with development actors to ensure that research outputs are taken up and promoted. To address these challenges, AR4D initiatives are finding they need to be more thoughtful, systematic and intentional in the way they approach their partnering. Are there common lessons

GCARD2. Breakout session C3.1 Sharing and Using Agricultural Knowledge - Briefing Paper. Access, Sharing and Transformation of Agricultural Data and Information

Three priority areas of action for making data and information accessible will be discussed. The first priority area is to improve investment through introduction of sound policies and coordinated global, regional and national approaches. The second priority is to develop organizational capacities to contribute to a global data, information and knowledge commons. The third priority is to make data and information accessible by promoting open content and achieving uptake of open standards.

International Workshop on Fast Growing Economies' Role in Global Agricultural Research for Development. 2010 February 2010. Country Briefs

Country briefs presented by Brazil, China, Egypt, India, France, Vietnam at the International Workshop on Fast Growing Economies' Role in Global Agricultural Research for Development, February 2010